Be Successful Earning Online ~ This Is What You Want To AVOID

Hello All!

Thank you for your taking your time checking out my blog.  I limit the info only to things that I truly think are worth sharing, at least for some…. 🙂

In my last post, I wanted to go over this, but was too excited about the program I had to tell you all about.  Instead of editing, It’s actually worth its own page.

For those that a newer to earning money online, or have just started looking at it, here is what thing to look for if you don’t want to be tricked.  It just happened, yet again, to me last night.  I am really NOT a naive person, but somehow their winded sales pitch hooked me again.  Oh I haven’t let anything like that slip through my brain cells since it happened to me just a few times, years back.  (actually, I got taken quite a bit)  🙂

I ran into a solicitation for a program promising to help get your URL’s out there, on auto-pilot, something on that Idea.  The offer was the first 7 days you have a trial for 1 penny.  After the 7 days, you get billed monthly, if you don’t cancel.  The program looked pretty cool, who knows, maybe it is.  But I truly dislike when these people go through all of that work to create a great looking program – just to act so unprofessionally. 

So it went from FREE, put away your wallet -FREE! Then to 7 day Trial for 1 penny -to prove I’m human.  Ultimately, I paid 1 penny just to be taken to other pages that were ALL sales pages where the least expensive “package” was $67.99. 

I know, I should have known better, perhaps I was too sleep deprived to be trying to get something done, but this is why some of the legit things offered out there take the cut.  Many people won’t even look any more and I’m one of them.

  * Should you have any Questions on the link provided, please fill out the contact form.

Good luck guys!     Check out the link below for the BEST money making opportunity, that is a legit company, that has been online since I got my first home computer, many years back.  If you’re willing to put a bit of fun, yes, fun work in for a short period, you will do very well.  The training is 1st class.  I am truly excited that I, too, have finally found something I really want to work with, at least until my own project is complete. Click Below:




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